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Welcome to MODERN AEON™, the digital content studio specializing in multi-platform production, creation, curation, and the delivery of various digital outputs.

The intent of Modern Aeon is to expand the TAD: That Alien Dude IP in order to analyze ludic systems, and fund such research. Modern Aeon is run by animation & game developer/producer Anderson Evans.


Software System LINK
TAD: That Alien Dude Win, Mac, Linux Steam
Mars VR Prototype Win (OpenVR) Itch.IO
The Gentle Introduction Resource EdTech Web Application GitHub; CUNY
OpenTimaeus Web Itch.IO
Doctor Faustus (DEMO) Web Itch.IO
HTMLhelper Linux Repo; JS/Electron GitHub

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Digital Content

MODERN AEON™ provides digital content creation, coordination, and curation services. MODERN AEON™ has experience producing video work with green screen and other basic transitional effects, interviewing persons of interest, and voice over work for animation. MODERN AEON™ is also known for front-end web development expertise.


FIGURE 1: Blender Chromakey Layout

A/V Postproduction: Experience with both Production and Postproduction. Expertise in green screen/chromakey mastering, transitions, overlays, audio assembly, video compression and optimization. Software used: Blender, ffmpeg

Baruch College Course: Principles of New Media

Ruby on Rails: Experience in full stack development using RoR stack. Worked with RoR professionally on Baruch College Vocat Software as EdTech Coordinator, as well as in AEC Marketing at PMA Consultants. HTML/CSS production, asset/graphics creation/curation in roles at Webby Awards and Gawker Media (now defunct). Roles included but not limited to the following tools/techniques/modules/gems:

# Resource Purpose
1 Rails MVC (Model, View, Controller) framework, foundation for full featured static sites and membership based apps
2 SQLite/PostgreSQL Create searchable database with assets ready for deploy on low cost cloud based infrastructure
3 Heroku Cloud based infrastructure which allows for robust RoR apps to be hosted for low cost

CUNY ITP Proposal

Gentle Introduction Resource

Wut vr

Virtual Reality

MODERN AEON™ VR, uses a development stack that includes the Oculus Rift DK2 headset, a custom built GTX 980 enhanced rig, Blender version 2.7x, and Unity 5 with C# to construct VR assets, craft VR worlds, achieve integration of brand content into VR frameworks, and more.
MODERN AEON™ is capable of exporting to a wide range of systems/hardware, though testing is done locally on Windows with Oculus Rift Launch Environment and Android with Google Cardboard API

Modernist construct

FIGURE 1: Building/Modelling Brutalist Design In Blender

Thumbnail Demo Title Description Compatibility Size Status Download
Vr games logo Modern Aeon Postmodernia VERSION 0.1: This living demo is currently a 2 Level (A & B Scenes) VR experience. It demonstrates the following core competencies: Modelling (Brutalist Style Office Building), UV mapping (ibid.), Unity animation states (opening door), C# Scripting (level portal authorship), rapid use of asset packs (Skyboxes, Nature materials/textures) Oculus Rift DK2, Oculus Rift CV1 62 MB (zipped) Passing DOWNLOAD NOW

Unity screenshot

FIGURE 2: Animation States, Game View, Scene View In Unity Interface

Screen muzak

FIGURE 3: LMMS Track Design With MIDI Controller

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