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Welcome to MODERN AEON™, the digital content studio specializing in multi-platform production, creation, curation, and the delivery of various digital outputs.

Software Purpose Experience
Blender Video Editing Suite, 3D Animation, 3D Game Asset Prep, Green Screen/Chromakey, Game Engine Advanced
Unity3D Game Engine, 3D/2D, Deliverables for Android, X-Box, SteamVR, OSVR, Google Cardboard Advanced
Ruby on Rails Web Application Framework, Searchable Databases using ActiveRecord, membership site capable Moderate to Advanced
ffmpeg Video codecs, Video compression, video recording Moderate to Advanced
GIMP (GNU IMAGE MANIPULATION PROGRAM) Open Source Photoshop Equivalent, creation of web assets, creation of game assets, UI/UX Design Advanced

Digital Content

MODERN AEON™ provides digital content creation, coordination, and curation services. MODERN AEON™ has experience producing video work with green screen and other basic transitional effects, interviewing persons of interest, and voice over work for animation. MODERN AEON™ is also known for front-end web development expertise.


FIGURE 1: Blender Chromakey Layout

A/V Postproduction: Experience with both Production and Postproduction. Expertise in green screen/chromakey mastering, transitions, overlays, audio assembly, video compression and optimization. Software used: Blender, ffmpeg

Baruch College Course: Principles of New Media

Ruby on Rails: Experience in full stack development using RoR stack. Worked with RoR professionally on Baruch College Vocat Software as EdTech Coordinator, as well as in AEC Marketing at PMA Consultants. HTML/CSS production, asset/graphics creation/curation in roles at Webby Awards and Gawker Media (now defunct). Roles included but not limited to the following tools/techniques/modules/gems:

# Resource Purpose
1 Rails MVC (Model, View, Controller) framework, foundation for full featured static sites and membership based apps
2 SQLite/PostgreSQL Create searchable database with assets ready for deploy on low cost cloud based infrastructure
3 Heroku Cloud based infrastructure which allows for robust RoR apps to be hosted for low cost

CUNY ITP Proposal

Gentle Introduction Resource

Ruby on Rails (Cont.):

# Resource Purpose
1 SSL Integration Full secure SSL integration for secure web applications
2 Stripe Payments Fully functional payment portals for subscription based web applications.
3 Adobe Suite & Open Source Alternatives Over 10 years experience with full Adobe suite, especially InDesign and Photoshop (+Linux Gimp & Scribus)

Proto Science Fiction Archive

2011 Webby Awards Landing Page

Public Speaking & On Camera Talent: Experience as a college level lecturer, appearance on BBC Television discussing Print-On-Demand technology. Appearance as talent in films and television series such as Flight of the Conchords, Cupid, and Life on Mars. Interviews with people of note for the now defunct Gawker.TV.

BBC World News Interview   AquaTeen Hunger Force Creators Interview

The Week Late Night Went To War   ReadItForward - Fun Reading For Recent Grads

Game Design

MODERN AEON™ provides game design services from the creation of casual games on platforms like Android and iPhone, to more complex first person 3D games for PC, XBox, Mac, Linux, and Playstation platforms. The below images are examples of MODERN AEON™ deliverables. The 2D image is from a game released under the "Droid Casual" line which I also run.

Upcoming Project Table

# System Versions Confirmed Release
1 Android Gingerbread (2.x) - Nougat (7.x) Released
2 Google Cardboard V1, V2 Demo Confirmed
3 Oculus Rift DK2, CV1 Confirmed Demo Release
4 Windows 7 Win 7, (WIN 10 is NOT tested) Demo Confirmed
3 SteamVR Any Under Consideration

FIGURE 1: Low Poly Branded Arcade Cabinet

Bowling pin

FIGURE 2: Modern Aeon Developed Bowling Pin Asset

Bowling ball construct

FIGURE 3: Modern Aeon Developed Bowling Ball

Alley setup

FIGURE 4: Multiplied Pin Assets Included Ball Asset

Alley one

FIGURE 5: Bowling Alley Scene Manipulation

FIGURE 6: Bowling Alley Model

Bowling Alley Asset Collection

This bowling alley asset collection was developed, textured, and constructed in Blender and has been ported successfully to Unity3D along with streamlined physics colliders. Assets and UV textures have been uploaded to Sketchfab as to provide proof of qualification.

# Software Action Test Confirmation
1 Blender Modelling from ground up, UV texture wrapping, material customization, .blend based exports CONFIRMED
2 Unity3D Impose C# interactive scripting for ludic event systems, animation state triggering, export to various system executables (Oculus, Win, Android, etc) CONFIRMED
3 Sketchfab Curate models for public display CONFIRMED

Droid Casual Games

Modern Aeon's Droid Casual line is a 100+ collection of free, ad supported games developed for Android. Modern Aeon has developed a collection of several original micro engines developed to quickly bootstrap Unity based deliverables for the Google Play store. Games created to work with large selection of Android devices (play tested on tablets and phones) and versions, including most recent releases, as well as legacy releases. Click the icons below to see some examples.


Dead head beta  Mast beta  Atomic mouse beta  Polo beta  Pixel beta  Droidcasual

Wut vr

Virtual Reality

MODERN AEON™ VR, uses a development stack that includes the Oculus Rift DK2 headset, a custom built GTX 980 enhanced rig, Blender version 2.7x, and Unity 5 with C# to construct VR assets, craft VR worlds, achieve integration of brand content into VR frameworks, and more.
MODERN AEON™ is capable of exporting to a wide range of systems/hardware, though testing is done locally on Windows with Oculus Rift Launch Environment and Android with Google Cardboard API

Modernist construct

FIGURE 1: Building/Modelling Brutalist Design In Blender

Thumbnail Demo Title Description Compatibility Size Status Download
Vr games logo Modern Aeon Postmodernia VERSION 0.1: This living demo is currently a 2 Level (A & B Scenes) VR experience. It demonstrates the following core competencies: Modelling (Brutalist Style Office Building), UV mapping (ibid.), Unity animation states (opening door), C# Scripting (level portal authorship), rapid use of asset packs (Skyboxes, Nature materials/textures) Oculus Rift DK2, Oculus Rift CV1 62 MB (zipped) Passing DOWNLOAD NOW

Unity screenshot

FIGURE 2: Animation States, Game View, Scene View In Unity Interface

Screen muzak

FIGURE 3: LMMS Track Design With MIDI Controller

Aeon banner

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